A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Research Papers

A research paper is an academic assignment that requires a student to study some topic within a particular area and present the results of their work. While all students write such papers, only some of them earn the highest scores for their efforts. If you don’t treat this task seriously, you won’t be able to impress your teacher with your paper. To become an outstanding paper writer, you should learn about the main characteristics of successful papers.

Features of an Impressive Research Paper

  1. A narrow topic.
  2. If you want to compose a paper that will make a visible contribution to the development of the field that you study, you should select a topic that hasn’t been investigated before. Take a look at previous works in your area and think about the ways to continue them. If nothing comes to your mind, go to your instructor. They should be able to help you with choosing the right direction for your work. Another advantage of consulting your instructor is that they aren’t likely to advise you a topic that is difficult or impossible to investigate.

  3. A thorough investigation.
  4. To achieve more accurate and valuable results, you should put a lot of effort into your study. Gather as much information on your topic as you can. Ask your instructor about sources that you should use in your work. The analysis of the literature connected to your subject is only the foundation of your study, however. Based on the knowledge that you get from your sources, you should carry out your own tests to answer specific questions that you’ve come up with.

  5. A solid structure.
  6. You should plan the contents of your paper before the beginning of the writing process. Gather your notes and create an outline for your academic work. Include all chapters and subchapters that you want to see in your final document. Go to your instructor with your initial outline. They’ll examine it and tell you whether you should make some corrections in it. Repeat this process until your instructor is satisfied with your outline. It’s not advisable to start writing until your outline is approved.

  7. A clear language.
  8. Your research paper should be readable and understandable. It’s very important to use the same key terms throughout the entire text. If you have to use terms that are little-known among your audience, you should explain them in the introduction so that the readers don’t have problems with understanding the rest of the paper. There is no need to use complex sentences only to demonstrate your literacy skills. Make sure to proofread your paper and rewrite the parts that sound awkward or unclear.

  9. The right format.
  10. Different educational institutions have different requirements for formatting term papers. Make sure to strictly follow the format indicated in your task guidelines. Your paper should not exceed the page count stated by your instructor but it shouldn’t be too short either. Some formatting styles require students to create title pages, but others don’t, so pay special attention to this point. Even your paper’s name should follow a particular format and consist of a limited number of words.

How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Some students can carry out decent research but it’s difficult for them to express their results and thoughts on paper. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your writing skills. Look for an academic center in your town. There, you’ll be able to take courses in academic writing and acquire useful sample papers. To achieve good results faster, you may hire a competent tutor who will teach you to write term papers individually. Keep in mind that both of these options will cost money.

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