Compose A Winning Research Paper Outline

When writing a research essay, it is important to understand how to move through all of the information you have gathered well and completely. The way you can do that is through the composing of a detailed essay outline. An outline allows you to organize your information and exactly what you want to say in a precise manner. There are necessary requirements to add to make sure you have a winning research paper map to complete your essay. These necessary requirements include your introduction, your body or the meat of your essay and your overall final thoughts or conclusion.


Your introduction should begin by hooking your reader. You can use a famous quote or perhaps a question. After you define your hook line, you can introduce your topic to your reader. For example, if you are writing an essay regarding the history of slavery in the United States, you should identify this fully to your reader. After you identify your subject, review what you will be speaking to them about. You should state all of your major topics or discussions and make sure the reader is ready to engage in your essay.

The Meat

The meat of your paper should include all of your gathered information, your valid points and facts and the overall stance you have taken in your essay. You can include all of your major points and line them out in order you want them to go. Next, using your essay map, go through and add all of your major points per each line. This will create an easy to use roadmap for your essay and the most difficult part which is the body. The body should also include all of the details and information you gathered from your sources. State your sources of the information as well within the body of the essay.


At the end of your essay, you should state your final thoughts and close out your essay. You can use any final thoughts that you have as well as any closing arguments and statements. You can use the conclusion to go through your outline again and make sure you have covered all valid points, facts and you can do a quick summary of the body of your essay.
If you follow this simple method for lining out your essay, you can create a roadmap which will lead you to a successful and overall winning research paper.

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